Trails & Sails’ Events are Free!

One of the things that make Trails & Sails events so alluring is the free factor.       In these tight times with the dollar devaluing and gas prices rising; it is nice to know that a whole range of activities on two separate weekends over an entire historic county is available.    And in most cases, all you have to do is show up!

It is also an opportunity to show off our cities’ heritage tourism locations in the very best light.     So many in their busy lives may pass by our museums but have never taken the time to step inside and view the treasures they hold!       Or, they may pass the trail sign across from the Park & Ride a hundred times as they make their way to Boston or other commuter destinations.     What better excuse to explore an exotic location without having to endure the TSA and to fly there and in a single morning.

Or to visit a church that has drawn international visitors to Newburyport for over two hundred years!      An excellent opportunity to learn about a forgotten founding father of our country, the Rev. George Whitfield and to visit him under the pulpit.    Yes, he’s there! (with a few pieces missing but that’s explained in the tour!)      The sanctuary is full of sites with a huge Hooker organ that still works!

There’s the Powder House with musket fire and our lesser-known but just as significant cemetery, the Highland, where our first Mayor is buried.      And our very own lighthouse at the tip of Plum Island with magnificent views of the mouth of the Merrimack and a small museum inside!

Don’t let these free events pass you by….or you’ll pay for it. (literally in the future!)

-P. Preservationist

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  1. It was punishment enough all day to see the bad grammar in the title of this post! I have no capability to change it from my workplace!

    It is now fixed.

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