What a Week!

Seems like momentous things come in bunches and this last week was a good example of it.

First came the visit by the historian from National Landmarks, then came the dedication of the new Powder House Memorial Park and then to wrap it up, the Trails & Sails events this weekend highlighting our museums and other sites around town.  

Just as momentous but not a happy occasion was word that the Mayor’s Mother had passed away.*      I’m sorry but this is big news and the Daily News as usual let it blow by.    EVERYONE I spoke to around town had no idea this had occurred.        I am always of the opinion that if the Chief Executive of the City isn’t happy, nobody should be happy.    The Mayor runs the City and for me, everyone carrying on blissfully ignorant is not right.    There should be condolences and comforting words and reassurances during this stressful time.       For Heaven’s Sake, Daily News do your job!

Landmarks Visit – probably didn’t know about it; Powder House – nice spread but after the fact!    Trails & Sails?     Just a whisper.

I was walking around town on Sunday with a host of merry people as I participated in the Annual Cocktail Competition.      I didn’t know about it except a friend from outside of town invited me!      Now, personally, I have had a bad experience with cocktails.      The few I’ve tasted were like battery acid with an olive.       Turned out Sunday, they were absolutely delicious!    And we had so many from outside of town who came.       But as we passed by restaurant-to-restaurant, confused locals would stop the revelers and ask them, “What’s going on!?!”      They’d be told, and the first thing they would say is, “We didn’t hear about this – we would have loved to have participated!”      

All I can say is, Daily News, paper of record in town, do your job!**

-P. Preservationist

* Most people except old grumpy grandfathers hang about reading the obituaries every day!

** Are we going to have to bring in the Valley Patriot to fill in the gap?     Thank Heavens we have online sources – Newburyport.com, Newburyport Guide & Newburyport Today.    Hey, Current – here is your big chance!

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