Appreciating Amesbury-Newburyport


It was such a full day that I feel like blathering tonight.

No facts, no study, no research – just my impressions.

I have been working in Haverhill for the last few months.      And what I see around that city (which is a whole lot better than Lawrence & Lowell) doesn’t make me happy.    I had a blowout a few weeks ago and was forced to be on a donut tire for a week until I could get it into the shop.      Instead of taking 495, I took going through Archie’s home town.    Ugh, everything was so ‘not right’’ – and then I finally pull into Newburyport via Route 113 and yes, it’s Storey Avenue, but it feels like a breath of fresh air crossing the border.


And tonight I was going down Water Street – and there it was! (and thankfully still is), our breathtaking harbor.      How can it not bring a sense of awe and pleasure to pass by and see that?      

Prettiest spot in the state

And since the Hines Bridge is now open, I have the best commute to work.   Early in the morning, I drive down to Water Street and head West.       Passing through the beautiful Downtown, I continue on to Merrimac, pass the Rum District and the lovely Towle Building.     I continue on thankful that it is so dark I can’t notice the ugly anti-historic preservation sign in the Ship Building District.      At the border of the Newburyport Historic District, I pass the Dreadnaught Memorial.      I then make it to outside Moseley Pines and then over the magnificent Chain Bridge and lovely Spofford House on Plum Island.   

And it gets even better!

5353363I pass into the Point Shore Neighborhood that is absolutely breathtaking and past the Lowell Boat Shop and the Union Congregational Church.    I then turn left and drive by the Hat Factory turned partially into condominiums.461866

I go up the hill and turn right and then left onto the ramp for 495.

Overall, it is a stretch that is one, if not the most beautiful site in the Commonwealth.

And I get to enjoy it every morning all by myself!

-P. Preservation

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