Trails & Sails–Showing off Newburyport

Don’t forget that we will be having a lot of visitors coming in the next two weekends.     Along with whatever is also being planned around our city, fresh eyes will be coming to Newburyport.      Every time the Chamber or other organizations plan something, we all get that thrilling experience of being asked for directions.

Most of us are congenial and don’t pull that cruel trick of giving wrong directions – it’s delicious to see people who have never seen our city and their wonder can be so infectious that it rubs off on the rest of us filled with daily routines, worries and winter-beaten-down viewpoints.

Tomorrow our Museums, non-profits and our trails will be strutting their stuff.    Why, even our cemeteries are getting into the act.    

You can check this Essex County wide event here in case you wish to visit other regional sites.

It might be nice for a change to ask someone else for directions!

-P. Preservationist

PS. Since we are now at the head of the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway, our sites are of double value for many who will be taking the route for the first time.

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