The Mouse that Roared!

Normally, I would shy away from such a post because it involves our region and not about Newburyport but Katy Ives’ rather amazing win has prompted me to offer up a little dose of reality toward our city.

By the way, the P. Preservationist is happy to congratulate our city councilor for her primary win.

Okay, back to reality; we are small.      We make up for it by being a very political city and the councilor’s high vote count here helped a lot.      But the fact is our population is diminutive even against a town like North Andover.       Typically, we have had State Senators who usually come from the Methuen-Haverhill area and who will most likely focus on bringing home the ‘bacon’ for these large population centers.      

The fact is that Coco drew away from Manzi which then opened up the door for Ives to win.      Now it is Ives against a well-entrenched Haverhill school committee member, who has strong connections with Methuen.       These blue-collar cities don’t have much in common with a progressive (Her website makes it sound like she’s running for a Federal position-with the usual typical liberal positions).        At the same time, Ives has a reputation for being independent and most people in the First Essex District are sick and tired of politicians who get their marching orders from the leadership on Beacon Hill instead of representing them.       This is why a ‘ghost’ candidate almost unseated Baddour in the previous general election.

It would be great to have a State Senator who actually would work to bring some help to our area instead of Haverhill-Methuen  – it would certainly elevate Newburyport politically.      

It was fun to have the mouse roar – but in the end, unless Ives has a secret weapon*, she’s a goner!

-P. Preservationist

* unions?   Hispanic minority?    The women vote? Independents draw away votes from Toohey?

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