Clouds of Rumors

This is what happens when you have a newspaper that doesn’t report, bloggers who don’t post (at least daily), and we have city councilors who don’t talk – an atmosphere of suspicion and doubt and rumors begin to arise of back-stabbing conspiracies.

Now in my 25 years here, we have had some real stinkers in city councils – filled with conflicts between the members, and a general odious atmosphere.     The trouble is that ever since we’ve had this rather congenial council, we have taken them for granted – and they like the measure of trust given them because of their commendable performance.      

But we don’t hear much from them except in official meetings.      Oh, sure, they go on and on discussing and passing politically meaningless measures like block parties and peace marches, etc.    But what about really important controversial issues that come before them?

Rumors are abounding that this jolly group of politicians think they can keep the happy feeling going by killing initiatives that the citizens really care about…like the LHD.

Last I look, on my combined online petition, 450 Newburyporters have signed on and committed their names and their reputations toward protecting our historic neighborhoods from demolition and denigration.        In comparison, looking just this evening, 43 online names are posted on one anti-historic preservation website and 93 on another – and some are anonymous!      Yes, we have heard there is a written petition against the LHD but to do that, they had to lie and deceive the public with a fraudulent document!      

I frankly can not believe that a politician looking at these numbers could even think in their minds of trying to arbitrarily short circuit the democratic process.      Any such move would result in a world of political hurt!       Of course, they did just that with the controversial Storey Avenue zoning issue but this would be against a huge citizen representation.  (That far out numbers the school block.)

We have a very congenial council but I frankly don’t believe that our politicians are cowardly and intimidated by a minority regardless how loud-mouthed or threatening they may try to be.

The Mayor and the city council promised us all that the entire process will proceed as mapped out and I believe them.     

My faith, just like my spiritual faith, is based on a sound foundation of past performance and aside from that one disgraceful act on the rezoning, they have been very above board for several years.      

-P. Preservationist

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