Why so early?

The Daily News has an unfortunate habit of not reporting significant events in the city.      

This has given them the most undesirable moniker, The Daily Snooze.

You would think with lay-offs and financial crunches being suffered by all papers, they would avoid this label like the plague or at least work extra hard at overcoming this commonly-held misconception.

And yet, they keep ‘missing’ some news events that the public would very much appreciate being informed.

For example, the Custom House had a black-tie event last year that was attended by the who’s who of Newburyport and the coverage by the paper was absent.

And the most grievous was the Titanic Event held on the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sinking.     A spectacular event that will not be repeated obviously. (Sorry that most of Newburyport didn’t hear about it.)

And Ann Ormond’s Cruising Event?      How would you know?     You could have checked the Chamber’s website (If you were looking for it) or you were more often than not left to depend on word of mouth.     Doing a big spread later hardly helps anyone to show up in the past!

They have gotten a lot of grief for it and I might say, to their credit, they have been trying hard recently (Dyke Hendrickson seems to be everywhere lately) not to miss anything.

That’s why I am putting the HUGE black-tie event at the Custom House memorializing the famous Newburyport Clipper Ship, The Dreadnaught, up so early on my website, www.ppreservationist.com, to give them lots of opportunities to notice it!

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Why so early?

  1. Bob Cronin says:

    I think the titanic sunk 100n years ago—not 200. Scribner error!

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