Park not Lawn!

Councilor Cameron and Tom Salemi keep insisting we all attend tonight at 7:00  at the firehouse for the NRA design forum.     If you insist on going, please keep in mind what I have said previously in a post – it’s an excellent primer.

And above all, memorize the mantra, “Park not Lawn”.

That’s right.     

One person will stare at an open space and think to themselves, “My, how refreshing an expanse – a place to breathe, to rest and relax and be refreshed by nature.”   

Another person will stare at that same open space and think to themselves, “My, look at that vacant lot and in a prime location.     Oh, the money that could be made if a building was put there.”

Somehow the NRA thinks that these two viewpoints can be synthesized.    

But here is the question, “Is the park a setting for the buildings or is the park the primary goal?”     In other words, will the park be a collection of lawns for the buildings or will the park be the main goal, the true center piece of the NRA land?

Keep this in mind while gazing at the new designs.

-P. Preservationist

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