Slander is such an old-fashioned word.

I am hated by some, admired by others and according to recent comments, laughed at.    I’ve been called names and threatened.       I have had some even attempt to debate with me. (these people I admire for they dare to use their intellect).    

I (yawn) am hardly moved by attacks but what will really get me upset is slander.      This is the attempt to misrepresent what I have said by twisting my words into indicating something entirely different.      I say it’s old fashioned because it is becoming increasingly common in political campaigns and is being permitted to work its destructive magic.

For example, I hear people calling Rush Limbaugh a hate-filled talk show host.     First, they have never bothered to hear him because he is always classy in his rhetoric.    Second, it tells me that the person making that statement is filling his mind with envious critics who are outraged by his great influence and have been ‘telling others’ that he is hate-filled.    This only confirms to me that the person making the claim is indulging in a lazy intellect and my respect for them has now gone down a notch or two.

Recently, I had a strange statement made to me, “I was told you were saying the anti-historic preservationists were anti-God.”       In other words, somebody saw my post in which I attacked the unethical practices of the anti-historic preservationists and then saw my post about the anti-God attitudes of the extreme left; and somehow synthesized a slanderous comment that you see above. (WPF is a devout, born-again Christian – hardly anti-God!)

All I can say is, if you can’t stand the heat generated by the marketplace of ideas, don’t do further damage to your character by practicing malicious gainsaying!

-P. Preservationist

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