Our Businesses need promoting

If you look at hard numbers, and at first glance; you would say that our real estate is the most important and our commercial enterprises are minor.     

You would be furthest from the truth!

Yes, only 4% of tax revenues comes from our businesses and over 90% comes from real estate taxes; but without the allure of our downtown; our real estate would plummet!

Many people want to live in Newburyport so they can be near the restaurants and the shops, by the beautiful historic architecture and stroll our boardwalk and take in our breathtaking views.     They want to see the art, experience the entertainment in our bars and dining facilities and just soak in the high quality of life.

One of my biggest pet-peeves has been a Chamber for years that refused and it seems, still refuses to heavily promote Newburyport to outsiders.     

But that is changing.      If you check my Visitors page on www.ppreservationist.com, you will find two of our most dynamic business-centered websites – if you want to know how things are hopping in Newburyport – these are the sites to visit!

Newburyport Guide


In addition, the latter is starting a VIP card that can be used in our shops and restaurants and will soon be launched in a few days if not a week.         


Anything to help enhance and promote this beautiful historic seaport!

-P. Preservationist

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