You don’t know what you don’t know

I am really warming up to this quote from Donald Rumsfeld.     Man’s vanity always precludes ignorance.       Recently, scientists have been flummoxed by the discovery of dark energy and dark matter.       The hubbub has died down because they ‘labeled’ them as if that resolves their mystery.      Considering their presence constitutes 75% of the Universe and they have no idea what they are – you can see they are rather frazzled.

The assumption had always been that the universe was going to spread out and as it did, slow down.      Instead, its expansion is speeding up.    

That is always the problem with science.       You get it all figured out and rude little facts just get in the way.     Years ago, they called them erratics – a term for something that does not fit an existing theory.     Years ago, they could afford to ignore them.     But more and more of the universe just doesn’t fit the molds they create.

So why am I carrying on like this?    Because we have local politicians and city workers who insist on doing good deeds around town and then – nobody knows about it!     

And it is upsetting when you’re a citizen and you are left in the dark!

Just recently, I heard about the bike racks.       SEED (Seacoast Energy & Environmental Design Coalition) was a local organization that was pushing for green technology and wanted to promote bicycling as a green alternative.    With many local businesses donating and through some fundraising, some bicycle racks were installed around the Downtown.     They were so well received, that more bike racks were purchased.     Through some reason or another, Mayor Moak was not thrilled by them (Some dark sider probably complained about them and our former chief executive hated controversy no matter how small – you see, Dark Siders are for cars, not bikes) and they were put away in the DPW warehouse to gather dust.

Well, with the approval of our present Mayor, and the hard work of several individuals; they are going to get installed in additional places.      We are not only a walking community, we are a biking community and many racks are jammed with bicycles.    Worse, there are many spots where bike racks are needed and there is none around.    Fences, lampposts, and park benches are being damaged as bicyclists are desperately looking to secure their bikes. (I am one of the guilty ones.)       One of the worst spots is right by the Firehouse just below the Watt’s Cellar sign.

Councilor Herzog checked with Greg Nikas, former member of SEED (It morphed into the Eco-collaborative – which is more of a social network than a solid organization) and then approached the Mayor’s policy director, Peter Lombardi, who in turn shared the whereabouts and the information to DPS Director, Tony Furnari.     Peter and Tony walked the map of the old SEED’s recommendations and re-identified their present viability.   After checking with Dig Safe, they will soon be installing them approximately one a week.

These locations will be in front of the police station, to the left of the Firehouse, near the Green Street  parking lot “alley”, by Starbucks at the corner of Liberty and State, by the Merrimac Street info kiosk, at the corner of Pleasant and Unicorn, and two in front of the two remaining turrets on Inn Street.


A large thanks to Councilor Herzog, Peter Lombardi, Tony Furnari and Mayor Holaday.     It is this kind of initiative in government that we’re supposed to be seeing and all too often, we don’t.     We should thank and applaud this kind of good government!


-P. Preservationist


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