If you are proud of Newburyport, don’t be a dark sider!

It is time that we stand up together and be a community that promotes and protects our city.       Having dark siders around has been a part of our history for the last fifty years but it’s time to let them go their merry way.

They lost the argument years ago.        They wanted a city full of manufacturing facilities and a rather dull but safe Boston bedroom town.       Tourists came for the fishing, the marinas and the beaches and would be tolerated as long as they didn’t disturb the locals.

We are now a different city.        Dark siders need to realize their ‘pipedream’ will never happen especially in this global economy and they need to get with the program.

We are a destination heritage tourism city and we need to look the part.

If you live in the historic district, you put historic brick sidewalks in front of your house.     It, according to the IRS and appraisers,  is a cheap way to supercharge the property values.      The procedure to do so is here. (You can’t just go out and throw brick down.    The sidewalks are city property.)

We need to wear the proud badge of an historic brick sidewalk in front of our houses.       We can easily mark those who are dark siders – these are the ones with black top and cold cement sidewalks in front of their houses.      

You’re not one?

Then check the front of your house – are there historic bricks there reflecting the rich history of John Bromfield and the legacy he left the community – or are you telling your neighbors and our visitors you’re a dark sider and do not care how the city looks aesthetically or historically?

Make a clear message – and that includes the historic preservationists who haven’t bothered to be consistent in their message.

Anyone who loves this city knows that it is their duty to protect and preserve it –Ramona Preston, Online Petition, 26 August, 2010

It will enhance the city, it will enhance your own property and it will boost the city historically and economically!

-P. Preservationist

PS. If you live outside the historic district, save some money – continually pester the city until they get their act together and have them put in ADA, safe sidewalks in front of your house.    Putting in safe sidewalks outside of the historic district won’t boost ‘your’ property values so why pay for them out of your own pocket!!!!

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