September 7th – Signs Up Day

Historic preservationists and those who understand the economic setup of our city knew, when the Mayor asked for ALL signs to come down – this was to assist our invaluable heritage tourism and to present our City in its best light.       She wasn’t trying to impinge on free speech – she knew everyone would suffer if our city came off in a bad light.

Dutifully, the Pro-LHD signs came down.

Not surprisingly, the anti-historic preservationists who don’t ‘get’ how our city works, nor care to preserve it or to protect it; kept their signs up. (To be fair – I noticed many, who do ‘get’ what our city is about but simply oppose the LHD over principle; took their signs down.      May you deserve and receive honor from us all.)

A rather dumb (an historic house picture?) but stunning marketing display is all they have left!

But lest local citizens get the mistaken idea that all those blood-red signs indicate a large vocal group; we need to see the Yes, LHD signs up and running.

Citizens for Historic Newburyport

September 7th is a good day.     The Friday right after the primary causes a natural thinning of the campaign signs.        People may say, “This is about the city council vote!”     I say in retort, “When did we establish an oligarchy?”      We need to persuade the citizens and show our resolve; only when the majority of voices are raised in the community will politicians have enough confidence to do, “the right thing”.      

We’ve seen what the developers and uncaring homeowners are doing and planning to do in Newburyport.       We’ve seen the slow deterioration of the historic downtown as Newburyport Development has its way; and we have seen the continuing onslaught of demolition and gutting of our streetscapes.      

The historic preservationists by the way have been civil to a fault but the gloves go off after Labor Day.      We have had anti-historic preservation signs propped up on city property and the city has failed to enforce their removal. (Between the city sidewalks and the street)      They get moved or they will be gone – if the city won’t enforce the laws then citizens need to remove them. (A mild-form of citizen’s arrest)   If you still want to be civil – move them over to the homeowner’s private property.     

Get your Yes, LHD signs out, clean ‘em up and stick ‘em in the ground on September 7th!

LHD Yard Sgn

-P. Preservationist

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