Every Citizen Counts

I noticed as I have been looking through the ever expanding petition signatures. (When will the City Councilors understand this is a large majority of the city?)     We have had an increasing number of renters who have added their names.


My wife and I rented for seven years in this city until I was able to purchase a home.      I participated in local political causes, campaigned with enthusiasm and was concerned over all the issues.     And yet many looked down their noses at us ‘renters’ as if, as an electorate, we didn’t count.    

Every renter pays their local taxes vicariously through their payments to their landlord.     Though we still have a vulgar minority who want to generate a bad reputation by not taking care of their leased property, the vast majority are living here precisely because of our beautiful, historical city and they do take care of their property and the yard they are granted.     Rents are cheaper elsewhere – therefore a conscious choice was made to live ‘here’.       The higher cost for a finer quality of life.       It’s the same decision shop keepers make – pay higher rents here where the action is or rent out in Podunk Hollow.

And renters want to make sure that extra cost is worth it.

Therefore, I say with enthusiasm, “Welcome aboard and may many more registered voters who rent, ‘sign on!’”

-P. Preservationist

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