Well, it is about time!

Considering the historic preservationists were blind-sided by the blood red anti-historic preservation signs. (would love to take a razor-blade to the picture of the historic building on these signs – I’d leave the rest for free-speech purposes.      Tough being a law-abiding citizen!)

And then they spent big bucks passing out the infamous Fifteen Lies document – they really have been a head of the game at least on the political side.

Now it appears the historic preservationists are finally catching up.

First, a new document is coming out from Citizens for Historic Newburyport that systematically and factually exposes the horrid misinformation that has tricked so many of our citizens into signing their petition. (If the fifteen lies had been true, I would have signed too!)     Of course, I have my version of step-by-step refutation of their rancid document.         Expect the CHN’s version soon in your mailbox.

Second, a new brochure is out that highlights why we need the local historic district ordinance.        This one is also from the Citizens for Historic Newburyport.      It provides information on our city’s history, and the need for the LHD protections and safeguards.    The brochure is here for easy downloading.

Third, a second brochure from concerned preservationists will be soon passed from door-to-door, street-by-street in all the Wards so the entire city has an opportunity to understand the benefits of the proposed LHD on the Downtown and High street.     The brochure is here for easy downloading.

Fourth, the Newburyport Preservation Trust has great information on their website.     Please take the time to check it out.      In addition, they have the following:

Q & A on LHD

Establishing an LHD.

With this informative material plus what can be seen on the various websites; there should be no excuse for ignorance – unless of course, you’re a member of the Know Nothing Party.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Of course, there is the old-fashioned idea of actually checking out the LHD ordinance first hand on the City of Newburyport website.       I suppose it’s much better to get your anecdotal information from a dog walker or neighbor or the local gossip. (Sarc.)

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