I have begun…

Yes, I have been dreading this since I have limited resources but it must be done!

I am beginning the formatting and preparing of the online petition into a presentable form for the city councilors.       Re-arranging them in alphabetical order will be easy.    Checking to make sure they actually are real people in Newburyport will be the time-consuming part.

Just a note, I will not include anyone’s address in the final form.

But the verification must be done before it goes to the printers.

In the meantime, if anyone else (in Newburyport) wants to add their names, please do it soon.    If you are a former resident and out of town, you MUST explain why you are adding your name  in the comment line and your connection to Newburyport or you will not be included.

Remember, this is an historic document and a copy will be sent to the Newburyport Library Archives for posterity.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to I have begun…

  1. Hold the presses! (Or the promise of the press) Mary Eaton wants to do the presenting.

    Apparently she has gone through the agonizing and time-consuming checking of the names on the online petition.


    That is great – no sweat off my back.

    I was very glad that the written petition was being circulated at the Thursday ‘Cruisin the 50’s’ event and many were signing their names. (Don’t get excited visitors, you have to be a resident of Newburyport for the written form.)

    All I add – Mary needs to make a copy for the Newburyport Library Archives.


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