LHD is a LOCAL issue!

Now I see that Mary Eaton has lost her crackers over Paul Ryan, a tea partier; not realizing that her closest ally is a tea partier. (That’s me by the way.)       But that is her prerogative.       There is nothing in her blog that says she can’t write what she feels.

But don’t let that mean that I don’t have opinions too.        I am a pro-life, pro-family, New Right, Reaganite social conservative.      I support the tea party though it is primarily about fiscal issues.      I am a firm believer in the Capitalist, free enterprise system.     I have written hundreds of national and state political posts since I started the P. Preservationist blog………….all in my head.

And that is where they will stay.

My blog is very focused.     It is about enhancing and preserving and promoting Newburyport.      The local historic district ordinance supports those principles but the LHD is just one minor facet in our city.      The blog covers all the concerns of the community over archeology, conservation, history, infrastructure, industry and tourism.      Our city has a thriving artistic and literary community, religious community, private institutions and healthy government and school organizations.      We have farms and fields and forests and rivers and lakes.      We also have a community of businesses as well as a restaurant culture complete with live entertainment.       We after all, live in a rather ‘cool’ community.

Getting back to the LHD, this is all about local steps to preserve and protect our community.        This does not involve national politics, international organizations or far-flung extremist groups.     

It’s about keeping the ‘good thing’ we have here.

If you’re wildly in love with Newburyport as I am – then you’ll understand why all my energy is needed on a local level – on anything else, I will bite my lip.

-P. Preservationist

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