Crazy Time

I’ve already warned you that common sense, facts or even rational thought can be sacrificed over politics.       It truly is a rough contact sport – brains pitted against each other while the audience (taxpayers and voters) looks on with mild amusement with the contestants never sure which move will enthrall or turn off the viewer.

And so, I see it as rather funny when crazy politics become evident when dealing with the LHD issue.     

Here below is to me absolute contradiction in the arrangement of these signs.      Someone who is against anyone telling them what to do with their property for the community benefit; whipping around with the other sign telling the NRA what they should be doing with their property for the community benefit.         


It’s hysterical.     Of course, this person could come back and say, “It’s different.    We’re talking about the community’s public property.”        Of course, as usual with this crowd, they are absolutely wrong.

The NRA land is not city property.       As James Shanley so callously reminds us, the property was purchased with Federal HUD money and they are charged to do with it whatever they so decide for the city’s economic benefit. (However they may perversely interpret that ‘benefit’.)     

But I think the most hysterical is this picture.


My wife literally did a double take on this scene.

John Tierney is an avowed extreme leftist.       The sign shows that the owner doesn’t want anyone telling them what to do with their property and yet supports Tierney.      This guy, if he could get away with it, would be the ultimate nanny-stater*.     Not only would he tell you what to do with your property, he’d tell you what to eat, what to dress and if he was generous, inform you how many times your were allowed to eat or dress!

So tell me, “Do these signs together make any sense!?!     Do these anti-historic preservationists make any sense?

-P. Preservationist

* The Congressional Record on Tierney speaks reams about this guy.

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