Who do you believe?

We’ve had incredible statements made by the anti-historic preservation side.     Just like in the incredibly-messy Presidential campaigns; the object is to sling enough mud on the opposing side in the hopes it will stick.

But look at some of the anti’s claims!

The anti-‘s discount the need for an LHD because everyone will ‘naturally’ take care of their house.      In reality, we have a small group of old ‘dark side’ owners and new owners who simply don’t care how much they destroy the streetscape or their community.

The anti’s claim that everything is important that an owner does what he wants with his property no matter how damaging it is to their neighbors that surround them.       In reality, what you do not only helps or hurts your neighbor, it affects the entire street and in some cases, an entire neighborhood.         Isn’t this about protecting EVERYONE’S property!?!

They poo, poo the possibility of outside developers coming out and deliberately demolishing and gutting houses.      And then stand silent as the outside developers do exactly what they said wouldn’t happen.       Gutting, demolishing and replacing with cheap housing.

They claim that the natural and right tendency is to allow everyone to do what is right in their own eyes and they will self-police themselves. (It didn’t work in the Book of Judges and it doesn’t work today.)     They deny that someone would simply destroy an historic structure so they could have additional parking or to expand their yard or to wipe out all the historic buildings so they could build brand new, large structures.      

So what is happening.      Everything they said wouldn’t happen is happening!     

Or how they denied that people with long yards on High Street would not be tempted to put houses in front of their homes.  (The WPF tried to do exactly that but didn’t have enough property to satisfy zoning.)    And sure enough, this will be attempted right here on Wednesday at the Planning Board.


-P. Preservationist

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