Caught by Surprise

Though the subject doesn’t seem to escape the average conversation between Newburyporters, I figured that most efforts from either side were set aside for ‘summer’ and to allow our eco and  heritage tourism to flourish without distraction.

Well, I have been caught by surprise!


Cruisin’ the 50s!

A Newburyport Chamber of Commerce/WNBP Radio
Antique Car Show

Co-sponsored by: Citizens for Historic Newburyport

When: Thursday, August 16 — 5 to 8 PM

Where: Downtown, State and Pleasant Streets


CHN will have an LHD YES! Information Table in Market Square.

We will be handing out the attached information leaflet, which you are welcome to share and use beyond this event.

We would love to see the friendly faces of fellow preservationists. Please stop by and bring your moral support!

If you can make at least an appearance that day in support however brief, and besides; apart from a booth and being sponsored by the CHN, it really is about having fun in August!

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Caught by Surprise

  1. What a spectacular spectacle!

    I will be following up with a picture-by-picture retelling of the Cruisin the 50’s event put on by WNBP, the Chamber and the Citizens for Historic Newburyport.

    Ann Ormond should be very gratifide – I saw people packing out the restaurants, buying at the shops and I might add, having a lot of fun. That’s what Capitalism is all about – everyone getting mutual benefit. Yes, even the antique car owners. All those hours of sweat and tears virtually vindicated at the crowd’s oohs and aws.

    Yes, I might add – even the anti-historic preservationists couldn’t help themselves!

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