Location, Location, Location!

I’m driving home from work and the realtor on the radio is shouting out the single most important thing to remember when buying property and buildings.


I guess he has to shout it out because, at least in Newburyport, people are not getting it.

When an appraiser checks out your house, two of the three factors are taken into consideration: your street (streetscape) and your community (city).    


Most of Newburyport believe it or not is not historic.     In fact, we have no less than twelve neighborhoods that are outside the Newburyport Historic District and a rural area of farms and forest and streams.      But just like Savannah and Charleston with their small historical areas; the NHD is the great rudder that ensures everyone has high property values to bank on.

Therefore, if you have a problem with doing the expensive and time-consuming effort of historic preservation – be a good neighbor and move over a few streets and be thankful that so many others have dedicated themselves to sacrifice so you can have high values on your property.

But somehow reality isn’t getting through to many in our city.     Many think that by fixing up ‘their’ property, they will get a return on their investment.     Sorry, what you do to your property is not enough.


Must we shout it out so Newburyporters finally make the connection!?!

Will it take losing money on our community properties to wake the populace?

Unfortunately, it will be too late then to reverse the mistake.

-P. Preservationist

As a Real Estate Broker, I feel that protecting the appearance of Newburyport historic homes is important to maintaining everyone’s real estate values in town. I am also comfortable with the layers of controls in the [LHD] proposal that will ensure that the commission members do not have unreasonable power over homeowners and will be replaced on a regular basis while being selected from a pool of citizens of varying interests. We cannot leave future development to chance!”

                                    -John P. Wells

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