A Wonderful Word When You’re Poor!

Yes, it is that word that everyone enjoys, which advertisers shamelessly exploit and which makes the heart glad – F-R-E-E!!!!!

The Custom House which has had some pretty-pricey black tie affairs is making available, yes, for free; a Newburyport Chamber Music Festival event at 4:00 on Sunday.     There will even be refreshments*.

The museum is really doing its best to become an integral part of our social fabric.     They opened up the museum for free while the HMS Bounty was here and the community and visitors gave generously in donations*.

Be sure to attend…and yes, casual is acceptable.     This IS Newburyport after all.

-P. Preservationist

* Even if you are a little thin in the wallet, please put in ‘something’ into the donation can.   

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