The Art of the Possible

If you are a novice to politics, the first error that will cause you to be deeply disappointed and depressed is the assumption that decency, reality, reason, sense, science and or even the rule of law holds sway in this field.     

Sorry, I hate to disappoint you but all those who try to encourage people to get involved in politics by appealing to historical leaders and our national heritage were just trying to get your feet wet in good responsible civics.

But the sad fact is, “They lied to you.”

Appealing to nobler spirits is great for Hollywood – especially if it’s promoting one of their pet-themes; but the fact is – there are only a few politicians in history and even today with true strength of character.    And even then, most of these fine politicians, such as Benjamin Franklin, were cunning and wise enough to use politics as a finely tuned weapon.    

That is why most decent Americans abhor it and try to keep away from the political class.      During the turn of the 19th century, decent people left politics to the poorer immigrant classes which is why my Irish ancestors became so good at it!     

As we resume the LHD campaign – we have already seen dirty politics in full display in our community – the best thing to do regardless of which side you hold on this issue is to stick to the facts, promote the facts, and try not to stain one’s reputation in the effort of swaying the city councilors.

The good thing is, now I know who is who – and it will do all of us good stead to make note of it; so that we can avoid associating with those without character and please, no matter how desperate in this economy – take no blessing or money from such people.  

No laundry detergent has been made that could remove the stain from one’s character.

-P. Preservationist

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