An Earthquake!

earthquake effectsIt was no coincidence that the announcement occurred during Yankee Homecoming.     Most locals have a disturbing habit of packing up and leaving Newburyport during this festive time.       Yes, you can’t get around and yes, strange people are parking in front of your house even though you’re a mile away from State Street and yes, the traffic is difficult; but it is still sad that it has become a city tradition.

People forget that Ann & Chuck Lagasse assumed the ownership of much of the downtown after Roger Foster vacated due to financial troubles.      It was only after they also fell into hard times and also realizing it would take vast resources to develop the private side of the waterfront; that they drew in Steve Karp.

Not being a gossip blog, I can’t even speculate what is going on here.      All we know is the guy they brought in has, politely speaking, fired her.     I have sent my spies out and have asked others to send theirs out too; hopefully we will find out the full story soon.

You won’t get anything out of the Daily News – it is obvious they are complicit with theirEarthquake crack timing.    As much as they will try to play it down, this is truly a gigantic crack in the fabric of our community.

Regardless of how you feel about the Lagasse’s; this is in many ways troubling.      There is now no local Newburyporter with a say in the board room – no one who ‘knows’ our city.    

I do not know the Lagasse’s personally but am definitely not thrilled by the way they have handled things in the city post-Beinecke.      The way she dealt with the CVS and more recently Fowle’s Newsstand is but a tip of the iceberg on the poor ways they have practiced in historic preservation especially Downtown.     

But as poorly as she may be in that field; it should make us all troubled that we don’t have one of ‘us’ there to advocate for our city’s concerns.     

Sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know; than the devil you don’t know.

Who will now speak for Newburyport?

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to An Earthquake!

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    How did Ann ever have a seat in the board room? You refer to New England Development’s board room I’m presuming. She was the leasing manager for their subsidiary, hardly someone I’d imagine to be in every parent company board meeting.

    And it’s hardly an earthquake, Jerry.

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