A Whole New ‘Old’ Museum

Custom house photoOne of the travesties of actually living in a destination city like Newburyport is the danger of familiarity.       What is special for a tourist visiting for the first time becomes just part of the landscape.       The viewpoint of residents is, “I’ve seen it, been there and done that”.      

Well, the Custom House Maritime Museum has been doing a spectacular job of counteracting such tendencies for the last year.       They have been putting out highly interesting exhibits and expositions.       Working in close association with other museums (Did you know there is a Coast Guard Heritage Museum in Barnstable, MA?) and with other maritime groups and individuals; they have highlighted new sources of historic knowledge.

Nantucket Light Ship in BostonLast night was no exception.     When I was at the Tall Ships in Boston in July; I kept staring across the bay at the famous Nantucket Light Ship and it just gave me question marks, “Why is it here in Boston?”      Members of the group that are restoring this National Landmark came last night and reviewed her history and the status of their efforts to turn her into a floating museum.  (We may see this famous ship visit here in the not too distant future!)

But to get to the lecture hall, I had to pass an incredible re-arranged museum re-focused on the Coast Guard – new displays, ship bells and uniforms and loads of interesting facts about Newburyport and the Coast Guard to which it gave birth.   

Be sure to step inside during today’s momentous activities and immerse yourself for a short while.     You’ll be glad you did!

I have already heard that all these new efforts has paid off by a dramatic increase in museum visitors compared to a year ago.

-P. Preservationist


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