Just an added note…

Since my blog readership has grown, you still need to keep in mind from time to time that I will be covering things from my point of view.      This is clearly apparent on the subject of Yankee Homecoming.       With so much going on, someone is going to feel slighted that I did not say anything about certain events.

Bloggers will not replace regular newspapers.    Daily Journals must take on the exhausting responsibility of being the ‘paper of record’ while I can hop and skip along according to the dictates of my heart.    

Blogs should always be treated as resources for knowledge and news which is why I encourage a reader to visit other related blogs so the observer can become a well-round individual obtaining different perspectives from which to make sound decisions on issues of the day.     

I laugh at people who listen to NPR but flatly refuse to hear Howie Carr or Rush Limbaugh!    And I might add, there are many who do Carr and Rush but flatly refuse to listen to PBS.       Once you listen to varying sources, the truth begins to trickle through!

You should never be intimidated by opposing views – they make you think, challenge your presumptions and cause you to formulate arguments and counter-arguments.     It causes you to mature as a citizen well-able to defend what you believe!

Back to Yankee Homecoming – I certainly would if I could attend every event.      We really do have a great annual festival!

-P. Preservationist

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