Bed Race Bigger than Ever

0802121858I was absolutely thrilled when the race times were read out!     Of all things, the Coast Guard team won!      How appropriate and thrilling especially with us becoming a Coast Guard City officially on Saturday.

This, I might add, to those jaded amongst us, was a well-earned achievement.      The serious runner ups were sweating profusely as they sprinted down Federal Street – I thought the Old South was going to lose their Pastor – he was soaked and looked exhausted.     The Newburyport firemen had on all their helmets and regalia and still pressed on!

This year was bigger than ever with more contestants and with some of the most cleverest getups than I have ever seen.      Many were practically miniature parade floats in the way they were decorated.     

The crowds were absolutely huge.  0802121836a 

And when you try to explain the ‘Race’ to someone outside Newburyport, they look at you as if you had three heads – apparently their imagination meter pegs when they picture a bed racing down the street!       But once you’ve been to one, I guarantee, you will be hooked and will make sure you don’t miss the next one.

With so many beds and the down time as the police motorcycle headed back up to escortOld South Hamburger Stand them back down; I decided to duck over to the Old South Hamburger Stand.       This little fundraiser was nicely setup – I figured I’d slap down my dollars and get a rather dry burger that would need liberal condiments to ‘loosen it’ up enough to wolf down.   

To my utter surprise on my first bite!     An absolutely fine gourmet burger – my taste buds were shouting, “Yes!”.    For those who didn’t partake – you really missed out!

As for the teams who ran the gauntlet  (You try pushing a heavy bed down the entire length of Federal Street) a deep gratitude for the time and effort to make this a very special community event.

-P. Preservationist

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