Destroying Our Quality of Life to ‘Save Us’

Even in idyllic Newburyport, we are beset by dangers.       You’ve got the wacko Libertarians on one side trying to make Newburyport into a collection of feuding castles and now, on the other side, the wacko Environmentalists.

As a proven advocate for conservation and the protection of watershed and wildlife; it is bad enough trying to fight the selfishness of inconsiderate property owners who care little for our community’s wellbeing; then to find we have to stand up against agenda-driven liberals who want in their fevered brains to ‘save the world’.

I say ‘agenda-driven’ because everything they do has little to do about benefiting our community and the City of Newburyport; and everything about their belief system.    Whether we’re going to be frozen to death or melted; or perhaps drowned by the ocean; they feel that something political must be done to stop it.      Of course, it is useless to explain to them that mowing down acres of forest (which has been done and is being planned for even more forest destruction in Salisbury) to put up wind turbines and solar panels will only hurt our quality of life and do irreparable damage to the watershed and to our precious wildlife.

Now there is serious talk of covering our industrial park with acres of solar panels and yes, covering over our beautiful farmlands.     They are even trying to replicate the horrors of Salisbury by mowing down our forests and damaging our wetlands – to ‘save the planet’.

It was not long ago these religious fanatics wanted to put 22 wind turbines all over our industrial park and our beautiful Common Pasture.      We stopped them then and believe me, we need to rally again to stop them from hurting themselves and us!

Strangely, I am very much FOR solar power and love the idea of wind turbines out in the ocean (where winds are more consistent) but solar panels belong on roofs and industrial buildings NOT ON FORMER FORESTS AND WETLANDS.

You might think I am over-reacting but I can not afford not to since we have a Governor and a large group of wacko environmentalists who want to transform our lovely community into a hell hole to yet again, ‘save the planet’!

-P. Preservationist

PS. If we must give them something to satisfy their urges, I suggest the top of the landfill.   It gets plenty of sun and has no trees to be ‘mowed’ down.

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