So Far So Good!

God has been very merciful since the beginning of Yankee Homecoming.      We also desperately need the rain!       The precipitation has been coming but nicely timed to not interfere with the events this week.

Ole’ Fashioned Sunday and the Civil War Encampment and the Greek Food Festival all went without a hitch.     Maybe it was the sad events in Aurora, Colorado but when the muskets were firing at Brown Square; I swore I saw people taking cover!     Some of the characters during Sunday’s events whether at the Mall, or Harris Street or in front of City Hall make Yankee Homecoming something not to miss.    Maybe it was my imagination but I can’t remember ever having a lamb shank as tasty as I had at the Greek Church.  

Moving up to Tuesday, I was thrilled to see that today’s Road Race went off well.

I also want to add a compliment to the Newburyport Daily News for devoting such detailed articles on the Coast Guard and our City’s involvement with their birth.       In these tight times, it was refreshing and a hearkening back to the journalistic glory days to see such in depth coverage.    I received comfort from it since I was greatly in sorrow that I could not make Ghlee Woodworth’s presentation Monday night about the Birth of the U.S. Coast Guard right here in Newburyport.

Speaking of journalism, it was with great interest to read about the latest antics of our very own Bossy Gillis.   It maybe just coincidence but there may be some truth in all this talk about reincarnation!

-P. Preservationist

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