Councilor Tom O’Brien –

There are politicians who are in office to advance an ideology and there are others there for another reason.     That reason makes issues a far distant second.       He is a ‘mild’ dark sider but since his priority is not advancing that agenda, he has become an excellent city council president.    His down-to-earth attitudes and even keel also make him a fine liaison between the council and the Mayor.    He is a townie and in matters of his ward (6) he has done a fine job representing their interests.      They will be well-served as the Whittier Bridge project begins to unfold.        His ‘stability’ and professionalism in conducting the affairs of the council have kept political intrigue and grandstanding to a minimum. (I say a minimum not gone!)     

As for his personality in itself, he has a deep love for Newburyport though he has made it very clear, family first, the city second.

Regardless of that position, he has been acclaimed by his fellow councilors and by the Mayor for doing an excellent job as Council President.

-P. Preservationist

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