Councilor Tom Jones –

Tom Jones is a Townie.    The term may at first glance seem to be amorphous but townies have varying economic stations, different political views and are unique in personality every one of them. The big difference is the family connection. A Townie is not just born here, they have a long line of family that have interwoven themselves into the fabric of our community. Being a townie allows Tom to have access to many old-timers and to ‘understand’ Newburyport within the context of the ever-producing phenomena of history.

In this case, all town planning and issues are seen through the eyes of someone who knows what real consequences will occur from a political decision by the Mayor or the city council.

Tom is also down-to-earth practical and makes his decision based on common sense. And as everyone knows in today’s modern world, common sense is not common.

I recently read a dizzyingly-complex treatise recently on the quicksand we euphemistically call the field of science. Turns out it is plagued by an inherent foundation of ‘assumptions’. The process of scientific inquiry may be sound, experimenting, theorizing, and making predictions but when the foundations are built on concepts that have not been or cannot be tested, the final results will not be as expected.     That is because we as humans can not be omnipresent in the Universe nor travel back in time nor into the future. The basic conclusion of this fancy paper was that only ‘judgment’ can allow an objective scientist to plow ahead and make the right decisions.

Boiling down yet more from this treatise, ‘judgment’ really is ‘common sense’

Tom Jones has that gift of common sense. Which is why so many have suggested he run for mayor.     With all the complex demands of the Mayor ship; he would have the ability to cut through all the distractions and get the job done, and do it well.

To counterpoint that trait, I have sensed lately that the recent downturn in the economy and the trauma of getting the Cancer Center up and running; he seems to be, and I can only put it this way, ‘off game’ which makes me nervous that he is loosing his touch.    

Prove me wrong Councilor!

-P. Preservationist

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