Councilor Dick Sullivan

I sense insecurity and yet someone who feels he must ‘carry-on’ the ‘fine’ traditions of the dark siders though in that field he may be way over his head.       He dresses up rather professionally and yet tries to uphold a closed-minded mentality.       He is hoping that his well-established family will help him gloss over the fact he is a rookie on the council.   His dark sider allies are hoping that he will carry their water and advance their policies.   He may not say much but that is more due to his closed mind and the fact that  reasoning with him would just be a waste of time and probably futile.       In his role with the fire department, City Hall employees will see him as a friend as he fiercely defends their concerns and the various unions’ priorities over the concerns of taxpayers.

His one bright star is his tenure on the school committee and his contributions toward education in Newburyport.       This has helped him immensely in having access to those citizens concerned with education in the community.     On such topics, he will definitely be their champion and his tenure on such a subject should be taken seriously.

-P. Preservationist

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