Councilor Greg Earls

This is a councilor with a foot inside liberal policies and one foot into the conservative world of business and the hard work of raising a family.      It is this mixture of oil and water that makes him so hard for others to predict.      He is deeply into the community and yet he is distant.      Deeply falls into the line of ‘common sense’ with Councilor Jones and yet will not hesitate to advance a ‘liberal’ agenda when presented one.

The recent downturn of the economy has also caused him to be ‘distracted’ as the need to make a living takes precedent over political policy making.       And yet, his self-discipline has been revealing – and is still well-informed on all matters before the council.

His personality is one of deep thought and quiet leadership. (This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have spates of bad temper and impatience which periodically show up.)      The only real way to gauge him is to interview his ward constituents and that may produce widely conflicting information!

-P. Preservationist

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