Councilor Ed Cameron

I call Councilor Cameron a man of mystery – in other words, you can’t stereotype him.     You can try but there is just no way to stick him in a cubby hole and forget him.

When listening to him conduct himself, he likes to stick to hard facts and good sound logic; and yet, though partisan politics is forbidden in local positions; he IS the head of the City Democratic Party.     He consequently presides over a band of liberals that would make President Obama green with envy.       Yet, as wild as their politics, there on top of the heap sits an approachable, reasonable mad hatter!      

He’s a ‘family’ man and yes, even has a dog!     In all respects; he would be taking positions more as part of the Children of the Now than what he normally holds.      He has also shown a deep concern for the day to day community interests first of his ward and now for the city as a whole.

Therefore, when speaking with him – always keep in mind that as much as he sounds reasonable and down-to-earth, there is always this backdrop to keep in consideration.

I suppose it would be good practice on how to approach all the other councilors – no man (nor a politician) stands alone!     

-P. Preservationist

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