Councilor Brian Derrivan –

Brian Derrivan is a hard working, practical man who due to the present economic situation finds himself in far-flung places just to earn his keep.      He tends to be pro-business in nature and yet, presides over some of the city’s most sensitive ecological and environmental environments.       

He has a very bad habit of not returning constituent phone calls and I think this is one of his weaknesses that if someone would run against him would put him out of office.    Whatever was said of the late Ted Kennedy, he was famous for doing exemplary constituent services and would always return a call.         

But if he gets turned out of office, it would be most unfortunate because he has tried to ‘do his best’ for Ward 5 balancing Storey Avenue demands with the sensitivity of the Common Pasture and the Landfill.     This is strictly my opinion but I think he is a closet Libertarian who’s knee jerk reaction is minimal intrusion of government until he sees a clear need otherwise.      As a Libertarian, he has shied away from being labeled a Democrat or a Republican and has chosen an independent position which allows him more flexibility and a more open mind to his constituents.      

That is if he ever hears their needs!

-P. Preservationist

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