Councilor Ari Herzog

My brother is one of those types that loves technology – so when he buys i-phones, computers, printers and scanners; he tries to get the latest, greatest and loves all the gadgets.      Okay, that’s fine but the next thing he does, is to take them apart, rebuild them to increase performance and to add every ‘application’ money can buy.

Sounds great except he never actually uses the computer, produces documents, writes letters or achieve serious work with them!     He’s like an auto mechanic working on a sports car and forgets to enjoy driving it!

Councilor Herzog is the mechanic.       He can help others become social wizards and help them create dizzying organizations that are as affective as possible.    Call me unthankful, but he aught to be more aggressive in the use of the social media he so promotes.    We would all benefit.     I suppose this infatuation with structure is great in city council as he pours over budget minutia and seeks more efficient ways to save taxpayer money.        

He has also purposely put blinders on when it comes to issues.     He won’t postulate until an actual document is before him in city council.    This leaves both sides of an issue guessing where he will lean.

Now I presented all the negatives so I could show the positives.     He has the wonderful skill of hearing his constituents concerns, presenting his own views and yet, have the voter walking away happy and feeling that he had been heard.      Second, the councilor knows how to bring up issues that are not on anyone’s radar that are more important to the city’s residents than City Hall’s concerns.     This is why, as infuriatingly unpredictable and at times, not joining in on commonly-held conclusions; he has gained a large loyal following.     

No cubby holing this guy!

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Councilor Ari Herzog

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Untrue. If you read my blog (and I know you do because you’ve commented and/or linked there) you know that I opine how I feel about issues, such as the proposed LHD. While I am not publicly taking an absolute yes or no stand until I see the document and can deliberate on its merits, I have blogged that I support it.

    And, what sort of tech aggression did you have in mind?

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