Councilor Bob Cronin

When I interviewed the councilor through the CEB videos, I immediately recognized that regardless of his personality, he was going to be an effective city councilor.      He is one of those rare individuals who sees a problem, creates the process to fix the problem and then, sees it through to its final resolution.       He is also VERY RESPONSIVE to his constituents and will take the time to hear them out and again, owing to his character, will actually do something about it.

The negative aspect is that he is not a BIG IDEA man.   He is an old-fashioned politician. (rare indeed)  Ideology and political agendas our outside his sphere.    In fact, he thinks pursuing anything beyond practical issues is a waste of government time.     Issues like dog walking, quality of life and even ‘parks’ and ‘recreation’ and such things are not to be dwelt with when roads, schools, sidewalks and sewer lines are practically falling apart before the taxpayer’s eyes.

Thus, the only way to reach him on issues is to show the hard solid benefits and even then it may take a lot of persuasion.      

-P. Preservationist

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