Councilor Katy Ives

Circumspect is the only word that comes up for this councilor.     She is the kind of person who looks nice, seems to have a nice personality and then, when everybody has created an opinion about her, she opens her mouth.

The impression you immediately get is surprise and the thought, “She knows her stuff” or “This is a smart lady”.   

  Which is a silly statement to make when all the other councilors know their stuff too!      But she has managed to generate this to a wide number of people.    I say circumspect because know one actually knows this for a fact it is just instinctual.       I don’t know if this will carry her all the way to Beacon Hill but it might.     

It is a gift that so far she hasn’t abused.       This impression of watching and listening and taking careful action has impressed a lot of people.     So far, she has kept her views on politics to be ‘local’ and ‘in the interest of Newburyport’.        As she runs for a higher office, perhaps we’ll begin to detect which way the councilor leans on regional issues.       

We’ll also get to see her lose her cool as the competition gets heated.      She is entirely too sensitive to criticism so it will be interesting to see what comes out – is there a legendary temper inside all that introspection?       We’ll let Manzi find out.

-P. Preservationist

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