And the War Wages On!

I was reading the silly but long article made by a Newburyporter that was against the LHD – laid out all the alternatives: preservation easements, conservation districts and zoning changes.      If the anti-historic preservationists won’t tolerate anyone telling them what to do – do they think they will accept these measures!?!    The answer is no.

But what impressed me is the editorialist was at least considering historic preservation.    My, my – at one time, average citizens taking up intellectual and neighborly conversations for such a subject would have been unheard of!     

Whatever you may think about the LHD, it has brought the preserving of our city now as one of the most important issues to be discussed amongst ordinary citizens.   

That is progress!

But while we are happily talking amongst ourselves, the war continues.      Just tomorrow night, demolition requests are being hurled against the Newburyport Historic District and one of them is a bullet making a flesh wound. (23 Oak Street is just outside the district literally.)    Home on Bromfield is pre-1800 in construction.

While the anti’s don’t care how many of our historic homes are lost, the rest of us know that one day there will be a tipping point and our property values are going to down the tubes as our city looses its marketability as an historic city.     

I have attached the Agenda just so you can see that the developers and uncaring homeowners aren’t holding off.    In fact, they are emboldened by the controversy.

It is now too late for us to turn away from the LHD ordinance – everyone now knows that we are unprotected and vulnerable!

NHC Agenda - 7-19-12

-P. Preservationist

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