Solidly Convinced!

There comes a time when the realization hits you that a small minority of Newburyporters are totally convinced that their ‘view’ is the only view for our future.     It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense, lacks statistical proof and is not supported by history.   It doesn’t matter that their ‘view’ has resulted in other communities becoming derelict wrecks and hasn’t panned out.     They are totally convinced.

The realization that we have a small group of ideology-destructive people amongst us is most disturbing.       Allegorically speaking, we have a group that have convinced themselves that sitting at the bottom of a 12’ pit with slime up to their waste is the, “future that we must embrace”.     It doesn’t matter what statistics or facts we throw at them, they are convinced!     No matter what reasoning we may try to use for persuading, their ‘idea’ is set in stone.   This idea that sitting at the bottom of a slime pit with muck up to the waste is the only way to have a happy life.

In reality, we have people who would love nothing better than for us to replicate the crime of other communities and property values that are in the toilet; and who want our beautiful city marred with inappropriate development, stressed infrastructure and falling tax revenues.  

All I can say, if we must have them here in our community; they should not be allowed to dictate policy or to set guidelines for us to follow for the future.     In our free society, the only cure for such destructive behavior is to counteract them by contacting your elected officials and let them know that such ‘weird ideas’ will not be tolerated.     And as a note to the future, any politician who actually takes these ideas seriously should be voted out at the next election day.

Leave the slimers to seek out their own  ‘pit’ for themselves and leave our city’s future alone.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Solidly Convinced!

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Elected officials should vote their conscience X% of the time and their constituents’ conscience the other Y% of the time (or when their own conscience is split). People voted me into office because they agreed with my stances. They know they will never agree with me 100% of the time but they appreciate that I listen, respond, and share in whichever way I go.

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