Titular Head by Default

I see that a local anti-historic preservationist has labeled me the ‘Voice of the LHD’.     


It is not a bad thing because I can’t take a little name-calling.     Who’s the guy kicking out such lovely labels as Children of the Now, Dark Siders, Sandbaggers, etc.?    I can certainly handle being labeled.    

It’s the fact that no one else is consistently doing the ‘voicing’.     Yard signs don’t cut it – and occasional editorials – we need a low but steady roar of facts, information and reasoning to break through to the very busy and distracted electorate and that includes our city councilors.        I love the new Newburyport Preservation Trust website but it needs to have a blog attached to it so week-by-week issues can be seen and justify its constant visit.

It’s not that efforts haven’t been done by historic preservationists but the consistency is lacking.

This leaves a poor person from Parsons being mistaken as THEE VOICE when he should just be ‘one of the voices’.

Of course, this anti-historic preservationist who labeled me is obsessive on LHD’s.   Historic Preservation is multi-faceted and a local historic district ordinance is but one tool in the box.       I don’t obsess because I know we have architectural guidelines, energy efficiency, heritage tourism, history, maintenance issues, real estate values and tax issues, etc.

The goal is to protect our high level of quality of life and to guarantee it is sustained into the future!      Thus, it is hand-to-hand combat with bureaucrats, developers, homeowners. politicians and real estate professionals.      It has to do with conservation issues, land management and zoning ordinances.      These anti’s are rank amateurs – wait till you go head-to-head with self-serving consultants, engineers and lawyers!

The fact is that just like liberty, you must fight for it.      We will have constant threats even after the local historic district ordinance is instituted.

The problem with having a good thing is now you got to work to keep the good thing going!


-P. Preservationist

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One Response to Titular Head by Default

  1. indyjerry77 says:

    I might want to add that another VERY CONSISTENT voice is the Newburyport Blog – the grand daddy of all Newburyport-centric blogs and I might add pre-dates even such activist papers like The Undertoad. When George manages to get off his lily pad, the great posts are making quite an impression. (Enough that an entire counter-blog is devoted to attacking her!)

    I’m almost envious!

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