See, I can do it!

I can admit when I am wrong.      In fact, I welcome corrections on my blog that are instructive and substantive.     In fact, I am amazed how few comments I receive in general.     One, commenting does not automatically guarantee you will be posted and Two, it must contribute to the conversation at hand.      Peppering your comments with personal attacks and ranting will guarantee a swift dumping into the electronic version of a circular file cabinet!

I recently did a post in response to a query, “What makes Newburyport architecturally unique?”      In that post, I indicated that we do not have unique architecture that sets us apart from other historic cities.     I was doing that in the light of our main city image of Georgian, Federal and Greek Revival buildings – from our Downtown to our South End and in a large part of the North End.      

But we do indeed have some unique buildings that are the handiwork of some very famous architects who were Newburyporters!      Of course, our local resident professionals would dispute that some of them were architects but I think that argument is splitting hairs over strict definitions.

The unique architects are in order: Albert Currier, Edwin Dodge, Timothy Palmer, William Graves Perry and Rufus Sargent.

Each of these men not only did ‘unique’ architecture but it can be clearly shown they shaped the very image of Newburyport.      How many people take pictures of our unique Religious Society of Newburyport steeple or ogle at the prettiest high school in Massachusetts if not in all of New England.      As time permits, I will be finishing my rough drafts of their biographies.       So much of our city’s ‘beauty’ comes from these ‘natives’.

-P. Preservationist

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