No Surprise: Bossy Gillis joins the Anti’s

I mean, he was anti-historic preservation before it was cool to be anti-historic preservation.

Bossy GillisIt was he that displayed the Ugly Truck around our historicUgly Truck district and was absolutely outraged that someone had anything to complain about.       As a clear dark sider, he has proudly displayed the anti-historic preservation sign on his property.        In fact, he’s made it rather permanent – in his past editorial, his opinion was for all of us who want to sustain heritage tourism that has made our city affluent to pack our bags and move out!

Of course, if the group he has recently attached himself to get their way, it may not be long before we all have to pack our bags and look for somewhere else where our property values go up instead of heading for the toilet like other communities.         If this group has its way, we will lose our ‘fabric’ as they like to put it.

-P. Preservationist

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