My Listings–Updated

Finally had some time to get the most recent online petition listings and integrated them into the website.   

I took the time to check the names on both lists, subtracted out-of-towners (Thanks for the support – we appreciate it but for local issues, in-town residents are important to consider first.) and made sure there were no repetition of names.

The Pro-LHD names posted so far: 425 Newburyporters

The Anti-LHD names posted so far: 149 Newburyporters

That’s a 2.8 to 1 ratio.

Considering the anti-historic preservation people have been consistently sending out the now infamous Fifteen Lies flyer which has suckered in a lot of people and no such informational flyers have yet been forthcoming from the pro-LHD activists; that is still a pretty good indication of the general public’s views and does consistently mirror the general sentiment out in Newburyport.

More factual information will be produced soon.      This is good because I know the general public in Newburyport is not only paying attention, they are taking the time to dig into the details.          Our local elected officials better watch out.     Once they have finished peering into this issue, they may start doing detailed examination of the councilors and Mayor’s track records!

Our politicians will be wishing for the good old days of public apathy!

-P. Preservationist

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