Recently I have added a few more icons on Some are non-profits and some are commercial sites. In case you are curious, no one pays me a commission for posting their sites and the odd-commercials you see on my blog are only there because I am too poor to ‘buy’ my Word Press website. My ‘Newburyport Store’ is not open for business as of yet.

In other words, I make no money from my website. I would love to make some but I actually like the present situation since it is my goal to highlight as much as what ‘makes’ Newburyport what it is. For a community of roughly 18,000; we have a huge cluster of commercial and non-profits crammed inside the city borders. And we are a vibrant place of art, commerce, culture, ecology and history.

It is sad that Newburyport has suffered so much from political cannibalism and self-mutilation but it also reveals that we have much to improve.

We’re a great place now. How exciting and greater we will be when we ‘fix’ some of our past mistakes!

-P. Preservationist

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