I wish I could!

I accumulated so many great pictures of the military and tall ships in Boston, that I wish I could share them with you!    For that matter, I’d love to comment on political issues on a Commonwealth and Federal level but I can’t.*       I have so many great travel trips I could relate but simply can’t.

But that’s the problem with a blog like mine. It must be focused and to the point.

It is one of the cardinal truths of setting up a blog – you must lay down parameters and stick to it.        As much as conceit and vanity would have you proclaiming great truths from your hermit cave (or office) – it would only dissipate and weaken your ‘message’.

In danger of giving tips to the local fanatics; I advise if you start posting, sit down and figure out your clear goals.      Also realize that the Internet can be much like outer space, “No one will hear you scream” unless you have fostered careful links to other sites.

I will stick to the message of “Dedicated to the Preservation of our Quality of Life” and the “enrichment and preservation of Newburyport”.      Therefore, don’t expect blow-by-blow recounts of our local high school athletes or breakdowns of the City’s budget; unless of course, it involves endangering our quality of life or shatters our bright future.     Nay to exhaustive coverage of our art and cultural scene or to our local restaurants and shops.

So, all I can say is, “Grab your cameras or smart phones and hoof it down to Boston today and take your own!”     You’ll be glad you did and I guarantee you will obtain the bright and happy face that I saw on adults and children on Sunday!

-P. Preservationist


PS. My political knives stay sheathed for the likes of Jack Garvey and others!

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