Why I would be a terrible politician!

I get these periodic requests that I should run for office.       It’s human nature to be tempted but then when I saw today’s post on Councilor Herzog’s blog, I realize that I would be constantly in trouble.      

I would either stand there speechless with my mouth open unable to speak in utter disbelief that people could actually be this naïve, or I would be tempted to slap them to knock some sense into them.       The police would have to keep Bossy Gillis’ seat warmed for the next occupant…me!

But a good politician must to some degree either defer comment and be diplomatic or shamelessly pander.     

or there is the third way, have a frontal lobotomy.

Then, while developers are gutting houses or demolishing them so they can make driveways and parking lots and our city loses its standing as a heritage tourism destination, and our downtown is overcome by cheap commercialism; I can join others who are similarly clueless at Market Square and sing about happy guidelines with a slightly deranged but happy look in my eyes!

-P. Preservationist

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