Somebody had to do it!

Considering that ‘vessel’ should be here at Yankee Homecoming to usher in our official standing as a Coast Guard City; (Thank you again Councilor Bob Cronin.) I figured I would do the hard work of bringing pictures back from the U.S.C.G.C. Eagle.

Of course, the U.S.S. Constitution was the star of the celebration, but I have to admit the Eagle stole the show!      What was especially helpful were information plaques spread throughout the ship that explained the functions of each component of a sailing ship.

Very helpful and next to each panel were bright, sharp young cadets ready to fill in the gaps.     This is the kind of information that you would only find at the Custom House Museum – and here it was with ready examples.

The Eagle was originally a German naval training ship that was taken by the U.S. for a war prize.      When the new American crew went to take it, it was in terrible condition and actually heaved to on a spit of land.      With determination, it was righted, re-fitted and sailed past land mines that were still floating in the North Sea and then safely back to an American port.      Forever onward, it has been training Coast Guard cadets at the Academy in New London.     I will explain in a later post why sailing ships are used in modern navies.

I will cover more in the next couple of days, but here is a sampling:

DSCN0760 DSCN0793 DSCN0782 DSCN0776

-P. Preservationist

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