Consistent Spread

I don’t know if it is because of the looming deadline to get the story in but didn’t really get an accurate report from the Daily News as to the spread of the crowd at the Public Hearing on Thursday of last week.

Councilor Cronin was very surprised according to his blog at the low attendance.    I was also surprised – it is my suspicion that two things are becoming very evident:

One, in spite of the conspiracy theorists and those who whine, “I was never told” during commercial breaks of Dancing with the Stars (of which they would head for the kitchen anyway to get a snack); the Local Historic District Study Committee has done a fantastic job of getting the word out as to the details and the process.       I was pleased that Ghlee Woodworth that same night berated those in the crowd who put up that silly statement.   She stated very flatly, “Be an adult and find out the information”.    I of course, would phrase it differently, “Be a citizen and find out the information – it’s your duty!”

Two, this whole back and forth with the No’s and Yes’s is getting tiresome and of course, that is exactly what was laid out on Thursday.       We’re supposed to actually believe that property rights will be taken away if we institute the LHD and we’re also asked to ignore the exaggeration, lying and misinformation.      Even city councilors are beginning to understand the empty threats of being turned out of office if they support the LHD.    It went over as much as the threats of being turned out of office for voting yes on the schools.     Even the Mayor is understanding how empty and annoying are the threats.

Reminds me  of the noises out of the union protestors, “We’ll be here until we get our way.”       Yeah, okay.

As for the close count over the 100 who showed up, it was the typical spread of three to one, roughly 2/3rds for, 1/3rd against.     Of those who spoke at the mike, 27 for, 12 against and an additional 6 e-mails for the LHD were read out loud.

33 for, 12 against.

As for those who did not speak, the same spread.

Now it’s time to focus on the city councilors – you know, the same who have ceased to shake in their boots.

-P. Preservationist

PS. Considering still no flyers out of the ‘Trust and no brochures out of the Citizens for Historic Newburyport – not bad being in the 21st century.     In the old days, tons of flyers would have had to be passed from door to door to have made a difference.

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