Flat Figures

I am going to attempt in the next couple of weeks to describe each of our city councilors.    I will also be including the Mayor and other significant persons in City Hall. 

It is a tricky affair but very necessary.        

They, en masse, if they were truthful with themselves; would love nothing better than to be two-dimensional stick figures propped up against a wall somewhere.       Better for them since they value their privacy and better for their constituents since citizens then deal with a ‘position’ rather than a person.

Frankly – this arrangement works since most citizens want to elect someone who they will send off to do all the hard politicking they would prefer not to do themselves.     That’s why, even with all our advanced technology, representative republics win hands down over democracies.

This works of course, unless you want to influence the city councilors in a particular way.    Then it can be like talking to ‘drywall’ – you don’t know them and they don’t know you.     In the end, the drywall just does its own thing – it doesn’t move and gets used to being in one position.       Hardly productive!

And of course, any description I do will be interpreted as an opinion by them – applauded or taken by offense.      My answer is, “Get a thick skin – you’re a public official – just get used to it.”    It’s not my fault The Current and the Daily News refuses to do investigative reporting or in depth analysis.         People need to know who you are – and if I get it wrong – stop pouting and add a comment or correction.      Citizens who look on will appreciate the input!

-P. Preservationist

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